What We Do


Over the past several years, we (FLT Consultants) have been offering consultancy services to SMEs and Corporate Organisation for BSC (Balanced Scorecard) development, training and automation. Our services have been helping organisations to translate business and strategy plans from the academic exercise on paper into online live business performance and management systems.

With our Partners over the years we have been helping our Clients to improve on operational processes, as well as conceptualize innovative solutions to cut costs, push customer value quality, drive business growth, profit and revenue, employee and customer satisfaction to stretch business goals and targets. We believe that improving business processes with focus on achieving effective communication within and outside an organisation; is the main critical success factor for aligning all employees to work towards the same vision, mission, objectives and goal targets.

With great efficiency and effectiveness, we have been implementing program and project life cycle methodologies that refine leadership & management of project scope and time plans, budgets, risks, processes, resources, capacity, competence, cross-functional project teams, KPI performance, Business  and Organisation Performance Communication and much more, as you will learn from our Professional Services.

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